Ellie is a naturalist and writer  who has an interest in entomology (study of insects) which developed when she began taking wildlife photographs four years ago.  It started with butterflies and the more she learned the more curious she became.  Ellie had officially caught the bug for bugs and this led to her becoming passionate about conservation and she decided to get practically involved with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.  Over the last couple of years, Ellie has done a variety of different tasks as a volunteer with the trust from working with primary school children to being a part of the teams helping to conserve and preserve the local nature reserves.

In September 2013 till June 2015, Ellie went back to college as a mature student where she studied for a BTEC diploma Level 3 in Animal Care and Management. This further cemented her passion for wildlife and wanting to share her knowledge with others in the form of writing.  She is currently in the process of applying to university where she is hoping to study for a degree in wildlife conservation.

Over recent years, Ellie has become a regular columnist for CatWorld magazine and has had articles feature on Countryfile.com and The Huffington Post. Her aspiration is to become an environmental journalist.

Ellie happens to have a disability and in recent months she has written a number of articles, concerning accessibility to the countryside.  This inspired her to create this page, ‘The Unconventional Naturalist’,  as way to show that nature is there for everyone to enjoy and explore.