Wildlife on My Doorstep: Damselflies Day Dreams and the Unexpected Jay


Wondering weevel
Wondering Weevil a beetle that is mixture of gold and green


My recent walks up to Coton Hill Community Woodland and fields have been filled with a magnificent array of species. As the temperature is rising wildlife is springing into action and taking every opportunity to embrace this warm weather, while it lasts.  The damselflies emerge from their nymph forms to reveal delicately painted needles made up of ten- segments with four veined wings, which are held vertically, when they are resting.  On the edge of the field the nettles were covered in rich variety of colourful flying needles, I had never seen so many damselflies in one place.   I did not know where to look, there were leaves covered in Azures all darting among the foliage.    

An array of Azures damselflies


They weren’t the only mini beast that I have seen on my travels, the damselflies have many neighbours that live alongside them.  Such as a Click Beetle and the Phyllobius Pomaceus which is a weevil that is shiny green colour and their larvae feeds on the roots of nettles.   


My sighting of the kestrel a few months back led me to discover that it was not just the female who lives there but also a male and they live in woodland close to the fields I walk through.  Another avian species I have observed is a regular sighting of a robin, that I always seem to see at the beginning of my walks.  When I was heading home last weekend, I stubbled upon an extremely curious Jay which appeared out of nowhere.     

Male Kestrel( grey head)  hurting 

I am sorry I have been so quiet recently, there been a lot on my plate. However, I have been working on my wildlife photography and I have started recording the species that I’ve been observing.  By doing this it has added greater depth to my understanding of the natural world and I am beginning to use my field guides as field guides. 



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