Wildlife On My Doorstep – Taking the Wing into the 2017

Since getting my new camera lens which is 55-200mm for Christmas it has greatly enhanced the photographs that have been able to take of avian life. As I can now be a good distance away from birds without disturbing them and I have learnt thus far that in the town of Shrewsbury there is a rich variety of species that live in a diverse group of habitats.  By far the passerine which are large order of birds which are distinguished by having feet which are adapted for perching and include many song birds have been the most common on my walks through the park and the woodland from Blue Tits to Longtail Tits.  


Blue Tit on a branch


The river seven has also provided some interesting sighting of wetland birds which have included a female Goosander which is a diving duck and they come from sawbill family.   A Goosander has a long, serrated bill which is used for catching fish and seeing these birds diving is very entertaining as you never know where they will pop out of the water next.  The second bird I have observed is a Cormorant its features really remind me of a dragon with its long hook-tipped bill and its prominent piercing green eyes and jet black feathers. 


A female Goosander



A Cormorant on river with green eyes and jet black feathers



A Longtail Tit on a branch

I must be honest observing birds as never really filled me with the same excitement that I feel when I see an insect.  However, over the last few months I started to take a greater notice of the avian life surrounding me. In 2017 I think will take to the wing and develop my knowledge of birds further and not just look at the creatures that crawl on the ground but those in the skies.




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